Ways to Serve


FCC hopes that we are able to create a relaxed, friendly environment for all to enjoy. On Sunday mornings one way we do this is by offering a place for people to fellowship in between the Traditions and the Bridge Services in our Cafe. To serve in this ministry you would be asked to arrive at 7:30am to prepare the coffee, tea and various breakfast goodies to be available to members and guests. Then in between the Traditions and the Bridge Service we ask that you are available to be in the Cafe, to fill anything running low and also greet and connect with guests and members. 

Communion Preparation

Taking communion is something that we do every week during both services and we need people that don't mind doing something behind the scenes to help. To prepare communion you are asked to arrive at church around 8:15am to fill the trays for Traditions. You may also be needed to refill the trays between Traditions and the Bridge Service. 

Communion Clean-up

At FCC we do take communion every week during both of our services and we need people that don't mind doing something behind the scenes to help after the Bridge Service. To clean up communion you will be asked to wash and dry communion trays and refill empty communion cups into the trays. This typically takes about 20-25 minutes after service.

Pastoral Care

This ministry would involve someone who likes to visit, talk on the phone and simply carin for other needs of our shut ins. This ministry meets once a month during the week to discuss various issues that arise and a few times a year we put special "packages" together and deliver them to our shut ins.  

Home Communion

There are people who are unable to attend worship but would still like to partake in the Lord's Supper. We have a group of men and women who take communion to the homes of our shut ins and also pray with them. This would be done on Tuesdays and your team would only be asked to serve once or twice a month. 

Sanctuary Clean-up

After each Sunday we know there are a few things that need to be fixed in the Worship Center to get it ready for the following Sunday. So we have a rotating schedule of people that come to the church throughout the week to clean up bulletins, connect cards or other items left in the church after Sunday Services. This would usually require about 15-20 minutes of your time and at most you would serve about once a month. 


FCC strives to make everyone, from first time guest to faithful members, feel welcome and valued. We have greeters who offer warmth, programs, direction and seating. They, along with many more volunteers who serve each week, desire to create the most welcoming atmosphere possible. To serve on the Hospitality Team simply fill out the short form below and select the service time that works best for you and then arrive 30 minutes before the service begins. 

Worship Arts

We have three main components that make up our worship arts here at FCC. We would love to have you serve in one or more of these areas if music is your passion.

  • Choir
    If you love to sing and would like to do so weekly, then our choir is just the place for you! The choir members meet weekly (on Thursdays) from 6:00pm-7:00pm in the Worship Center for practice. Then on Sunday mornings the choir meets at 8:15am in the choir room for a practice before they perform at the Traditions Service (8:45am).            
  • Hand-Bell Choir
    If singing isn't your thing, but you love music then we would love to have you play the bells with us! The Bell Choir meets weekly (on Thursdays) from 7:15pm-8:00pm in the Worship Center. The Bell Choir performs about 3-4 times a year on Sundays during the Traditions Service (8:45am)                                                  
  • Praise Team
    Musicians - Singers - Sound Board Operator - Screen Operator - Light Board Operator
    At FCC we value excellence over perfection. We're human, we're going to make mistakes and miss notes or play the wrong chord, but as long as you come prepared and ready to do the best you can to bring glory to God (excellence), then you'll fit right in. A servant's heart and a desire to glorify God with whatever talents He's given you is all we require.
    If you're not sure about joining because you've never played with a band before, or haven't had any experience around music equipment...DO NOT let that hold you back. Everyone on the team is friendly and more than happy to guide you through all that is involved. We all were in the exact same place at one point. You're also more than welcome to just come to rehearsals and sit in to see if it's something you'd enjoy. 
    And if you play an instrument you don't normally see on Sundays, or have a passion for a different worship art (drama for example) that we don't usually do, don't hesitate to contact Brian Christensen or Leonard Moore to discuss ideas. 
    If you are interested please take a look at the Worship Team Covenant that you would be asked to sign when joining the Praise Team. (Click here to view the Worship Team Covenant)

General Serving Opportunities

There are a variety of ways to serve at FCC that may involve just a one time event or something that lasts a season. We never want to "lock anyone in" when it comes to serving, but to help you move into those places God may be leading you. The best way is to just "jump in" and see how God can work through your life. If you would like to serve, but you don't know where or how, fill out the form below to provide contact information and our office will help you begin!

If you are interested in joining one of our teams please click on the link below to fill out the contact form.

Serving Form