Mission Support

The organizations listed below are local, regional, national and international mission groups that we support in a variety of ways. Please take a moment to read a little about each organization and visit their websites to see how you can be involved. 

  • IDES

    The International Disaster Emergency Relief organization is based out of Noblesville, Indiana. This organization has been helping those in need since 1973. IDES serves in five main Focus Areas around the world: evangelism, disaster response, hunger relief, community development, and medical care.

    Some of their more recent projects include helping tornado victims in Alabama and Mississippi and also helping those in the Ukraine. 


  • CRU - Bulgaria

    Campus Crusade for Christ is a campus based ministry both nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1951 on the UCLA campus, the founders were given the vision to fulfill the Great Commission throughout the world. At FCC we support Stanislava Ivanova who is a part of a team in Bulgaria. You can find out more of Stacy's story by clicking the link below.

    Stacy's Story

  • h2O -- Kent State University

    H2O is a campus ministry that began at Bowling Green University. In 2008 about 20 people felt a call from the Lord to plant a church another college campus and with the support from those at BGSU the team headed to Kent State University.  The vision of H2O begins with learning what it means to be a modern day disciple of Jesus. They believe the journey to know Jesus deeply will move our lives in three directions: Upward (Sunday Worship); Inward (Life Groups); Outward (Get Involved).

    At FCC we have support H2O for many years as we have watch our own youth students go to Kent State to study. We support Pastor Jason Slack and his family as they continue their ministry on campus. 

    H2O Kent Website

  • Rahab Ministries

    Located in Fairlawn, Ohio for 20 years, Rahab Ministries provides Christ-centered transformational services to those directly affected by sex trafficking.  A few of the ways they help women and children affected by sex trafficking is:



    Drop-in Homes

    Jail Ministries

    Cedar Place -- Restorative Housing

    The Willows -- Minor Community Based Programming

    Education, Training and Inspiration


  • Pioneer bible translators

    Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bibleless peoples around the world. The team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelist, church planters and a variety of support personnel working to see transformed lives through God's Word in every language. PBT is working in 29 countries in 115 languages that impact 188 million people.

    At FCC, we support Rich, Sarah & Jonathan Vogt who are serving in Tanzania at the East Africa Branch. You can find out more about the Vogt family on their Facebook page and can subscribe to their newsletter. 

    Vogt Family Facebook

    Pioneer Bible Translators Website

  • Life with christ ministries

    The purpose of Life with Christ Ministries, based in Salem, Ohio is to bring the message that Christ is alive, that God is love and that His Word is alive and true to the Body of Christ as well as to speak the truth of the gospel to the lost. 

    They have 3 branches of their ministry:

    Fruitful Women -- a movement that intends to share the unlimited love and care of God to the women of the world.

    321 Ministries -- provides teaching, inquiry services, seminars, etc. based on the original purpose and design that God created families for.

    Acts in Action -- to build up the body of believers across the world by guiding, teaching, mentoring, and supporting them as they grow closer to Jesus.

    Life with Christ Website

  • The Brightside Project

    The Brightside Project is a faith-based 501c3 non-profit organization that was launched in 2016 by a father-daughter team, Scott Lewis and Lisa Wallace located in Salem, Ohio.  This organization was launched to meet the needs of children in Columbiana County, Ohio who are struggling to see a bright future as they battle against hunger, poverty, drug abuse, neglect and complex emotional and mental health issues. 

    You can find out more information about The Brightside Project and the programs they offer and how to volunteer via their Facebook Page and their website.

    The Brightside Project Facebook

    The Brightside Project Website

  • Sophia Women's Center

    A pregnancy center located in Salem, Ohio that is helping women who are facing unplanned pregnancy. At Sophia Women's Center they offer abortion consultation and testing, along with options counseling. At Sophia the services empower women to make their own choices. 

    You can find out more about Sophia Women's Center by checking out their website.

    Sophia Women's Center Website

  • Steel City Mission Group

    This is a group based out of Western Pennsylvania with members throughout the United States began in 2007. Through generous donations of supplies, volunteerism and monetary donations we are able to provide crucial services while spreading the Word of the Lord to the poor in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

    FCC support Steel City by providing monetary donations to support two local pastors in the Dominican Republic and by collecting funds to donate towards water filters to provide communities throughout the DR.  You can find out more about the work of this organization by checking out their website and Facebook page. 

    Steel City Mission Group Facebook

    Steel City Mission Group Website

  • Olive Branch Ministries

    Olive Branch is a faith-based organization offering a long-term Christian home to individuals who face challenges, but are highly functional. Olive Branch is able to provide a home away from home for loved ones on a 70-acre farm, where the men can find fulfillment in varied activities. 

    A qualified staff work together with the men in daily household and farm jobs. The residents also get to enjoy biking, horseback riding, walking trails, outside sports, games, fishing, etc. This atmosphere coupled with daily spiritual care provide a setting where men can live contently, while coping with effects resulting from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or other intellectual disorders. 

    Olive Branch Ministries Website

  • American Indian Christian Mission

    AICM, located in Show Low, Arizona exists to: "Evangelize and Equip Native Americans for Christ." Evangelism: Our purpose is to help Native Americans become aware of God and to bring them into a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ. We teach that accepting Christ is the only way one can be saved. We accomplish this in a 3-fold ministry; The AICM boarding school, outreach to families of students and Blue Bus ministry. 

    FCC supports AICM by giving the organization a quarterly donation based on giving. In the past we have had a few members from the congregation travel and visit the mission in Arizona.

    American Indian Christian Mission Website

  • The R.O.C. of Salem

    The ROC of Salem is an interdenominational Christian youth ministry designed to introduce Christianity to unchurched youth. This ministry was established in Salem, Ohio in May 2009 and was opened to the youth in our community in December 2009. 

    80% of the youth who attend the ROC have no history of church attendance and many come from very difficult family backgrounds. Most of the youth initially come to the ROC for the sports, free food and safe environment. 

    FCC supports the ROC of Salem by giving this organization a quarterly donation based on giving. If you are interested in volunteering with the ROC, please contact the church office or check out their website. 

    The ROC of Salem Website

  • Hope Made Real

    Hope Made Real is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children and the poor and vulnerable people of Rwanda, Africa.  Hope Made Real includes the Urukundo Foundation with includes both the Urukundo Learning Center and the Urukundo Village. 

    The Learning Center is dedicated to excellent education for Rwandan children and technical training for adults. This includes both the school for kindergarten through sixth grade and the Sewing Technical School. The Village contains the Dental Clinic, Mama-baby House, guest house and farm.

    FCC supports Hope Made Real with a quarterly donation based on giving. 

    Hope Made Real Website

  • Intervarsity

    For over 75 years, InterVarsity has had a vital presence on hundreds of college campuses, courageously proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior, engaging in discipleship around Scripture, and loving people of every ethnicity and culture. 

    At many campuses, we have more than one chapter, which may include separate outreaches to international students, nursing students, sororities and fraternities, athletes, artists and ethnic minority groups, as well as faculty and career-specific graduate student chapters. 

    FCC supports InterVarsity with a quarterly gift made to The Ohio State University Chapter based on giving. 

    InterVarsity Website

  • Samaritan's purse

    Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan's Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The organization service the Church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    FCC supports Samaritan's Purse by participating in Operation Christmas Child by filling shoeboxes that travel all over the world to children in need. We also support Samaritan's Purse with a quarterly gift based on giving. 

    Samaritan's Purse Website

  • Northwest Haiti Christian Mission

    Through the instrument of the church, the NWHCM serves thousands of people across Northwest Haiti regardless of their age, gender, or religion. They do so through a unique and diverse collection of programs that include primary and secondary schools, nutrition programs, orphanages, medical clinics and indigenous church empowerment. NWHCM is the largest employer in the northwest zone and one of the largest ministries in Haiti. 

    FCC supports NWHCM with a quarterly gift based on giving. We also hosted the Executive Director, Sam Guilliams last fall as he shared updates regarding all the work that NWHCM is doing. 

    Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Website