3rd - 5th Grade

3rd- 5th graders will gather together each Sunday Morning for an opening activity, a video Bible Story, a craft and activity. 

Each month the Flames will be learning a new virtue and will hear Bible Stories that help us see why these virtue are important and we will be given a "bottom line" to help us easily remember the big picture from the week. The Flames will help present the theme of the month to Big Church.  You can see a brief description of what your student(s) will be learning each week below. 

Flames Youth Group: This is a new and unique youth group for 3rd-5th graders who will meet on Sunday mornings a few times a month from 11:15am-12:15am for a time of fellowship, worship and teaching and small groups. 

Sunday Mornings



Choosing to celebrate what God is doing.



Bottom Line: We can have joy because of Jesus. In Jesus’ story, the shepherd is full of joy when he finds his lost sheep. He rejoices with his friends. When we recognize that we are like the lost sheep, we can have joy because we know that God sent Jesus to rescue us! And this joy isn’t just something we keep to ourselves. We can share the good news about Jesus and celebrate when others put their faith in Him too.


Bottom Line: Make a habit of choosing joy. Whether it’s a birthday party, slumber party, or festive holiday, kids love celebrating with their family and friends! Just as those celebrations are a part of our everyday rhythm, we hope that kids will learn how to find moments of celebration throughout their lives that will help them remember what God has done for them.


Bottom Line: Celebrate each step of the way. Some tasks seem to take longer to complete than others. Whether kids are learning how to ride a bike, bake a cake, solve a math problem, or talk to new people, they learn that each step is important. The same thing is true about our relationship with God. We can choose to trust God and find joy, even when we can’t see the whole picture. We can celebrate how God is working in our lives with every step we take.


Bottom Line: Find joy in what you see around you. God has given us the amazing ability to use our senses so we can find joy through the beauty of God’s creation. When kids tap into these senses, they can discover God in a whole new way. Even if not all of our senses work perfectly, we can find ways to see how God is at work in the world around us.


Bottom Line: There’s always a reason to celebrate. Even when we face tough challenges in life, we can celebrate because we know that God sent Jesus to be our Savior. That doesn’t make our current troubles any less difficult. But it does mean that we can find peace and joy in the midst of them. We can find joy in knowing that God is ALWAYS up to something good—even when we can’t see it.

                                                        Weekly Video Lesson

Youth Group

Our students in grades 3rd-5th will have a great opportunity to meet on select Sunday following our Worship Service for Youth Group. We will gather for 1 hour. Each time we gather for Youth Group your student will have a time of prayer, worship, a teaching, activity and group time. 

2024 Meetings

March 10th: Rahab and the Walls

April 14th: Gideon

April 28th: Samuel and the Call of God


Not only will the 3rd-5th Grade Students be together on Sunday Mornings and select Sunday Evenings...we also have other fun things available for them and the whole family!

Flames Registration Form

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