4th - 5th Grade

4th & 5th graders will gather together each Sunday Morning for an opening activity, a video Bible Story, a craft and activity. 

Each month the Flames will be learning a new "Life App" and will hear Bible Stories that help us see why these "Life Apps" are important and we will be given a "bottom line" to help us easily remember the big picture from the week. The Flames will help present the theme of the month to Big Church.  You can see a brief description of what your student(s) will be learning each week below. 

Flames Youth Group: This is a new and unique youth group for 4th & 5th graders who will meet on Sunday evenings twice a month from 4:00-5:30 p.m. for a time of fellowship, worship and teaching and small groups. 

Sunday Mornings



Celebrating Jesus, God's greatest gift.


W E E K 1

Bottom Line: God always has a plan. Sometimes it’s hard to stay hopeful in the middle of a tough situation. We want things to happen a certain way, and when they don’t, we can become discouraged. Thankfully, when we look through the Bible, we can see that God has always been at work. When we remember that God faithfully kept promises in the past, we can find hope because God will continue to be with us through whatever we face.

W E E K 2

Bottom Line: Anything is possible with God. We will face some difficult moments throughout our lives. But no matter what we face, we can trust God and remember that God can do anything. God may still allow us to go through whatever we’re facing, but God will be with us and will give us what we need to get through it.

W E E K 3

Bottom Line: Jesus is the greatest gift. God’s people had waited for so long for God to send the Savior. When Jesus was born, God’s promises came true. We pray that the kids in your ministry remember what Christmas is all about—that God sent Jesus to make a way for us to be with God forever.

W E E K 4

Bottom Line: The good news is for everyone. The message of Jesus . . . the gift of His love . . . isn’t something we can keep to ourselves. Our relationship with Jesus changes us, and everyone needs to hear about it. This week, we want kids to start thinking about how they can share the good news about Jesus. From the words they say to the life they live; they can point people to Jesus and show God’s love to others.

                                                        Weekly Video Lesson

Youth Group

Our students in grades 4th-5th will have a great opportunity to meet on select Sunday Evenings for Youth Group from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Each time we gather for Youth Group your student will have a time of prayer, worship, a teaching, activity and group time. 

2022 Flames Meeting Calendar

December 11th: Jingle Jam @ 9am

December 18th: Christmas Party


Not only will the 4th & 5th Grade Students be together on Sunday Mornings and select Sunday Evenings...we also have other fun things available for them and the whole family!

Jingle Jam

Show Date: December 11th at 9am

This is a funny Christmas Show that will be put on by out Student Ministry.

Rehearsal Dates and Times: 

December 10th: 9am-12pm