We are OPEN!

We are excited to announce that we are reopen to in-person gatherings! Please read the information below for what to expect if you choose to join us. If you are not comfortable joining for in-person gathering you can still join in by watching our live-stream on our YouTube Channel!

Sunday Mornings

Service Time: 9:00am

Location: Worship Center

Information about attending

    FCC Worship Gathering Sundays 9:00am

  We would like to be very clear about the process and what’s expected of our people. Here’s what we’re thinking: 

1. If you plan to attend in-person worship, please wear a mask. We are following the guidelines that have been laid out by the governor.

2. Our Kid's Ministry is OPEN. Please check out our Student/Kid Ministry Page for more information.

3.  If you have ANY misgivings about coming to church that Sunday, please stay home! We will be streaming live the Service and can also have it available on DVD if that works better. Some of you will feel obligated to come and might be tempted to do so against your feelings of unease. Please, we love you, but we want you to have permission to stay home.


4. Practice Social Distancing. You know the drill, 6ft and masks. It will be very much like the experience you have when you go to the store and notice the behavior of other people. 

5. Don’t spend any more time in the hallways than necessary for entering and exiting the building. I know if you’re like me you want to talk! Please try to have conversations outside the building when that urge hits you! I will also be outside to talk to people after worship if you would like to meet and catch up or share a concern. I would love that! 

6. Adult Bible Study: "Digging Deeper," this will take place following the service in the Worship Center. We will meet Sundays till 11am.


7. Communion – We will have pre-packaged communion available before the service. 

8. Offering – Feel free to use the offering baskets at the back of the Worship Center by the entry doors if you have a tithe, offering or gift you would like to donate.


Pretty simple, we just want everyone to feel safe, use good judgment and gauge the comfort level of others, and find joy in the reunion process! Please let us know if you have any questions or anything is on your mind, we are here to help! Be blessed, Leonard

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The staff can be reached via the emails listed below. The FCC Office is open Monday 7am-5pm, Tuesday 7am-5pm, Wednesday 7am-12pm, Thursday 7am-5pm and Friday 8am-5pm,  if you need something you can stop in or call during those hours.

Leonard Moore - Senior Pastor: lamceinohio@yahoo.com          

Brian Christensen - Director of Worship: christensenbdc@yahoo.com

Britney Leffler - Director of Digital & Daily Operations: fccsalem@yahoo.com

Attila Samu - Choir & Bells Director: samua@salem.k12.oh.us

Jaccie Samu - Organist: samuj@salem.k12.oh.us

About Us

Our spiritual roots are connected to the Christian Church, a network of churches that base themselves on the Bible as the primary source of guidance. We believe that Jesus is Lord, His words given to us through the Bible are absolutely true and that He calls us to fulfill his redemptive purpose. We are a church that desires to take the broken heart of God to a lost humanity and connect the two together in love. We believe that everyone who is reconnected to God will discover a God-given passion that helps them to find true purpose and spiritual fulfillment through serving Him.