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If you are not able to join us in person we still want your child to be able to continue to learn during this time. Our curriculum has been updated and you now have access to weekly videos and parent guides. This guide will help you with an activity for each week. 

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Story Focus: God is powerful. We will kick off the month with God’s first display of awesome power when we talk about how God made everything out of nothing. That includes God making you and me. We want our preschoolers to know that God MADE them. Wow!


Story Focus: God’s power is awesome! Week two, we will hear the story of when God used His awesome power to divide the Red Sea and make a dry path for Moses and the Israelites to walk across. Just in case we’ve heard this story so many times we’ve lost some of the wonder, let’s read that again. God DIVIDED a body of water for His people. There was a wall of water on each side of them as they walked across on dry land! THAT is powerful!


Story Focus: God’s power can give me what I need. Week three, we will talk about how God’s power can give us what we need—even when what we need is nowhere to be found. That is what happened with Moses and the Israelites. They needed water in the worst way, but there was no water anywhere. God used His power to make water come from a rock. Water. From. A. Rock. God is so powerful!


Story Focus: God’s power helps me make the

right choice. Week four we will hear Daniel’s story and how God’s power helped him make a hard but right choice. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but God will help us make the right choice and obey Him.


Story Focus: God’s power can protect me. We will end the month with Daniel’s incredible story of being thrown into a den of lions for praying to the one true God. God showed that His power can protect Daniel and us when He forced those lions’ mouths shut!

We pray that your preschoolers will hear the stories and Bottom Line this month and know that God is awesome and mighty and powerful.

Week 5, August 29th

Each week we will have the video uploaded for you and your student to access. If you click on "resources" you will have access to the Parent Guide, that will help you each week.