Our Kid's Ministry is REOPEN! Please check out the information on the Kid's Ministry Home page (Click Here) 

If you are not able to join us in person we still want your child to be able to continue to learn during this time. Our curriculum has been updated and you now have access to weekly videos and parent guides. This guide will help you with an activity for each week. 

We can't wait to be back with your children, but until then we hope you find this content helpful. 

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Story Focus: I can thank God for good things. During week one, we will talk about how every good and perfect gift comes from God. So when our preschoolers see something good, we want them to say “Thank You, God!” Did you see a red bird on a branch? Thank You, God! Did you see a beautiful yellow flower? Thank You, God! Did you see a colorful rainbow after the rain? Thank You, God!


Story Focus: I can thank God for food. Week two, we will hear the story about Elijah and a widow who only had enough food left for one small meal—that is until God showed up! God gave the widow all the food she needed. So when our preschoolers see food, we want them to say, “Thank You, God!” Mac and cheese… Mmmm…Thank You, God! Vanilla ice cream…thank You, God! Apple slices…Thank You, God!


Story Focus: I can thank God for family who help me. Week three, we will see Aaron helping his brother, Moses. Moses was tired and couldn’t hold his arms up anymore, but Aaron came through and saved the day—or at least saved Moses’ arms. We wants our preschoolers to look at their families and say, “Thank You, God!” Did big brother help you tie your shoes? Thank You, God! Did Daddy read you a book? Thank You, God! Did Grandma give you a bandage? Thank You, God!


Story Focus: I can thank God for people who help me. Week four will be filled with blocks and tools as we pretend to help Nehemiah repair the wall. Nehemiah had so many people helping him, and our preschoolers have a lot of people helping them too. We want our preschoolers to see the teachers, doctors, neighbors, coaches, and grocery clerks who help them and say, “Thank You, God!”


Story Focus: I can praise God because He is good. Grab your shakers for week five, because we are having a praise party! We want to lead our preschoolers in praising God, because God is good! It will be a special time when we read all of the leaves on our Thankful Trees, praise God for all He has done, and remember that God is good.

Week 5, November 29th

Each week we will have the video uploaded for you and your student to access. If you click on "resources" you will have access to the Parent Guide, that will help you each week.