Sunday Mornings

As we transition back to in-person gatherings, we are pausing our Kid's Ministry Sunday School

times. If you join us for Worship at 9:00am on Sundays, we do have quiet time activity booklets for each child.



Story Focus: I am wonderfully made in God’s image. We will kick off the month teaching preschoolers that they are made in God’s image. God put thought and love into every single part of them. Not only did He make their curly red hair or their chocolate brown eyes, He also made their brains to think awesome ideas and learn cool things. He made them with the ability and heart to help others. He made them creative so they can build and sing and imagine.


Story Focus: I am important to God. Week two, we will talk about how important we are to God. It feels kind of weird as a grown-up to talk about how important we are, but we are! We are important to God, because He made us! But just how important are we?


Story Focus: I am so important to God He sent me Jesus. We find out how important we are during week three. You see, God loves every person in the whole wide world so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever. THAT is how important we are to God.


Story Focus: God made me to talk to Him anytime, anywhere, about anything. Week four, we are going to talk about how God wants us to talk to Him anytime… anywhere… about anything. Just think about that! The God who made EVERYTHING wants us to talk to Him! Now that should definitely put a smile on your face!


Story Focus: God made me to help others. We will end the month hearing the story of Tabitha and how she helped others. This is something God made all of us to do. And, we want preschoolers to know you’re never too young to start being a helper.

By the end of this month, we want you and your preschoolers to stand with arms open wide and a huge smile on your face as you proclaim, ‘God made me!’