Our Kid's Ministry is REOPEN! Please check out the information on the Kid's Ministry Home page (Click Here) 

We do want your child to be able to continue to learn during this time. Our curriculum has been updated and you now have access to weekly videos and parent guides. This guide will help you with an activity for each week. 

We can't wait to be back with your children, but until then we hope you find this content helpful. 

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Story Focus: God has a plan for me. We will begin week one by introducing Joseph, his brothers, and the unplanned trip he makes to Egypt. We see Joseph trusting that God has a plan for me in the way he chooses to work hard and do the right thing, even though he is far from his home and family.


Story Focus: I can trust God’s plan even when it’s hard. Week two, we will hear about how, even though Joseph works hard and does the right thing, he is thrown in jail for something he didn’t do. Was that hard for Joseph? It had to be! And yet we see Joseph trusting that God has a pan for me as he chooses to help those around him instead of feeling sorry for himself.


Story Focus: God’s plan has good things for me to do. Week three ,we see God using Joseph to help save a nation from starvation. Because Joseph patiently waits on God and trusts that God has a plan for me, he is able to see the good things God had planned for him to do along.


Story Focus: God’s plan is always best. And, week four, we see Joseph’s brothers make their way to Egypt to look for food. They have no idea that they are going to find so much more than food when they get there. They find a brother and forgiveness waiting on them. And, we have the privilege of seeing the end of the story—that God’s way is always best.

Just as it was with Joseph, trusting in God’s plan is what empowers us to keep going when things are hard. If we were to take away one part of Joseph’s story and just focus on it, it would be hard to believe that God’s plan is always best. But, when we put all of the parts of Joseph’s story together—just as with an ice cream sundae—it gives us a sweet reminder that we can trust that God has a plan for me, and it is always best. We just have to wait until God is done putting all of the parts together.

Our hope this month is that preschoolers will begin to understand that God loves them, and He has a plan for them—a plan they can trust is always best, no matter what.

Week 4, September 27th

Each week we will have the video uploaded for you and your student to access. If you click on "resources" you will have access to the Parent Guide, that will help you each week.