Sunday Mornings from 10a-12p




We’ll begin the month learning about the woman at the well. Even though she was from a different place than Jesus, He still wanted to be her friend.

Story Focus: Jesus loves everyone. No matter where we’re from, Jesus loves us. No matter how different we are from each other, Jesus loves us.


The second week of the month we’ll meet Zacchaeus. He made bad choice after bad choice, but Jesus still wanted to be his friend.

Story Focus: Jesus loves us even when we do something wrong. We can be unkind. We can not share our things. We can make bad choices. Even when we do all these things, Jesus still loves us.


During week three, preschoolers will hear about the woman that no one else loved – you know, the one that was about to be stoned to death. Yep, Jesus loved her too. Can you imagine how that woman felt when Jesus came to her rescue?

Story Focus: Jesus loves us when no one else does. Even when we feel alone, we can know that Jesus loves us.


We’ll end the month with Peter. He denied Jesus three times just like Jesus said he would. But, Jesus didn’t stop loving him.

Story Focus: Jesus never stops loving us. No matter what we do, Jesus doesn’t stop loving us. No matter where we go, Jesus doesn’t stop loving us.

So get your sweet tooth – and your heart – ready for a super sweet month filled with the good news that JESUS LOVES EVERYONE? It’s going to be one, huge, sugar overload, not because of candy