Students in grades 9-12 is welcome to join the FCC Student Ministry! This group of young people meets each Sunday morning from 10:00-10:50 for a Bible Study, then they either attend the Bridge Service at 11:00am or serve in our Kids Ministry large group. 

Students in grades 9-12 are also welcomed to join the FCC Student Ministry Sunday nights from 6-8pm for Youth Group. During this time we will spend time in God's Word, break up into small groups for discussion, and also have FUN! Check out the EVENTS section to see what the other events the Youth Group is up to! 

Sunday Morning Small Group


Every Sunday morning we will be doing a study together, each study will last about 3-6 weeks. 


April 8th, April 15th, April 22nd

Week 1

Bottom Line: Drop the rock.

No matter how hard we try, there’s something in each of us that tends to hate on the flaws and failures of other people. And that’s not necessarily a good thing because, at the end of the day, nobody likes a hater. This week, as we look at the way Jesus responded to a group of particularly harsh haters, we’ll see that all of us have the chance to drop the judgment and replace it with grace.


Week 2

Bottom Line: Assume the best, and trust God with the rest.

We all tend to look at people and make some assumptions about who they are. But when we make these assumptions, we risk missing out on the bigger story of who someone actually is. This week, as we look at one of the Bible’s most unlikely heroes, we’ll discover that our judgments and assumptions are nothing compared to God’s plan and power.


Week 3

Bottom Line: Even when you fail, He’s for you.

More often than not, we hate on ourselves more than we hate on anyone else. And when we make mistakes, when we fail, and when we don’t measure up, the self-hate just gets worse. Thankfully, God offers us a different way forward. This week, as we learn to embrace the grace He offers us in all situations, we’ll realize we can put a stop to the hate.