Students in grades 9-12 is welcome to join the FCC Student Ministry! This group of young people meets each Sunday morning from 10:00-10:50 for a Bible Study, then they either attend the Bridge Service at 11:00am or serve in our Kids Ministry large group. 

Students in grades 9-12 are also welcomed to join the FCC Student Ministry Sunday nights from 6-8pm for Youth Group. During this time we will spend time in God's Word, break up into small groups for discussion, and also have FUN! Check out the EVENTS section to see what the other events the Youth Group is up to! 

Sunday Morning Small Group


Every Sunday morning we will be doing a study together, each study will last about 3-6 weeks. 

More Than Friends

Feb. 18, Feb. 25, Mar. 4, Mar. 11

Week 1
Bottom Line: Dating is great, but thinking is better.
Whether you want to date someone or are dating someone, one thing is true: When you’re in high school, dating is on your mind. But for all the time we spend thinking about it, as soon as we actually start dating, the thinking tends to stop. This week, we’ll discover that the best thing we can do for ourselves and our dating relationships is to keep thinking.

Week 2
Bottom Line: Your perspective is your pick.
Being more than friends with someone—and even the idea of being more than friends with someone—can be an emotional roller coaster at times. But rather than let our feelings and emotions on the inside dictate our actions on the outside, what if you had the power to choose? No matter what is or isn’t happening in your dating life, you have the power to pick your perspective and, with God’s help, that perspective can be joy.

Week 3
Bottom Line: Getting healthy requires extreme measures.
While we may want to act like pornography doesn’t exist or impact us, the reality is that, between social media, TV, movies, and the Internet, porn has the potential to destroy the health of our relationships. This week, as we look at some wisdom from Jesus Himself, we’ll see that we can keep our lives and relationships healthy by taking extreme steps to fight against the power of pornography.

Week 4
Bottom Line: A breakup doesn’t have to break you.
Breaking up is hard to do. And whether you’re in a relationship now or will be in one in the future, a breakup is almost inevitable at some point in the future. And while all breakups are difficult, they don’t have to cause permanent damage. This week, we’ll discover that valuing others and ourselves at all times is the key to going through a breakup that doesn’t break you.