FCC Students

Students in grades 9-12 is welcome to join the FCC Student Ministry! This group of young people meets each Sunday morning from 10:00-10:50 for a Bible Study, then they either attend the Bridge Service at 11:00am or serve in our Kids Ministry large group. 

Students in grades 9-12 are also welcomed to join the FCC Student Ministry Sunday nights from 6-8pm for Youth Group. During this time we will spend time in God's Word, break up into small groups for discussion, and also have FUN! Check out the EVENTS section to see what the other events the Youth Group is up to! 

Sunday Morning Small Group


Every Sunday morning we will be doing a study together, each study will last about 3-6 weeks. 

Week 1
Bottom Line: Before you can heal, you have to feel

We're all going to find ourselves facing tragedy at some point during our lives. We're all going to walk through seasons of darkness. And when we do, it's important to know how to respond. While most of us are taught what to do with the good things in life, very few of us are taught what to do in the face of tragedy. And because of that, we often find ourselves covering it up, lashing out, or ignoring it all together. But what if there was a better way to deal with tragedy? The good news is that there is, and it's found in the Bible. The Bible not only shares stories of people just like us facing tragedy, but also shows us how to face it and move toward healing. This week we'll take a look at how Jesus walked with and responded to someone going through a serious tragedy. Through that story we'll discover that the first step toward healing is acknowledging our feelings.

Week 2

Bottom Line: When it comes to tragedy, be a friend not a fixer.

When it comes to tragedy, there's often a ripple effect. Some people are directly impacted by a tragic event or circumstance, and the ripples of someone going through the darkness can be difficult and confusing. It can leave you feeling incredibly helpless, wondering what to say, what to do, and how to best be a friend to them in the midst of their darkness. Ruth, a woman who walked alongside a friend in the midst of terrible tragedy, gives us a great example to follow in the Old Testament. As we watch how she walked with a friend through the darkness, we'll see that sometimes the key to responding to the ripples of tragedy isn't really about fixing the problem, but sitting with them in the midst of it instead. 

Week 3

Bottom Line: Nothing can pull you from a God who loves you. 

Sometimes struggling through the darkness can feel a lot like floating out to sea. We feel hopeless, adrift, disconnected, and out of control. It leaves us looking for anything to hold us steady -- an anchor to keep us from getting lost in the sea of darkness. And while we might hope that anchor would be God, sometimes tragedy leaves us wondering if God is even with us anymore. The apostle Paul had reason to feel the very same way. He faced hardship, suffering, and loss throughout his life and ministry, yet somehow managed to never lose his anchor of faith in God. As we look at what Paul tells us about finding faith in the midst of the darkness, we'll see that there's no amount of tragedy that can separate us from the God who loved us enough to experience it here on Earth alongside us. 

Youth Group

I hope you are off to a great summer! Throughout the month of July we will be meeting only for events. If you are wanting to attend the Alive music festival on July 22nd for $35 please let Tom or Britney know. You can pay at the gate. Stay tuned for other events in July. We will kick off the new year August 6th from 6-8.

Youth Events

The Youth Group tries to do different events outside of meeting weekly. Take a look at the events listed below for all the information!  Also be sure to like FCC Students on Facebook to get all the up to date information! (click here to view the Facebook page)